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Estes Valley Recreation and Park District Announces New Staff to Lead the Opening of the Community Center and District Marketing Efforts

Estes Valley Recreation and Park District announced today that their plan for continued growth in the Estes Valley community expanded with the hiring of two management staff, Teresa Jackson as the Manager of Community Center Operations and Dawn Wilson as Marketing and Communications Manager. Read More

Pickleball Power! 

Learn-to-play clinic to be held early 2017

     Maybe you have never played pickleball. You might have seen it in different parks around your city or here in Stanley Park. If you have never heard of or tried it, you’re missing out on one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Pickleball has existed for more than 50 years, but its playability, simple rules, inexpensive equipment and accessibility for all ages has spawned a meteoric rise in popularity. Estes Valley Recreation and Park District will be offering a pickleball clinic January 19, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. The clinic organizer is Jay Readinger and Mary Lou Gallup, who are the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) District Ambassadors for Northern Colorado and Fort Collins.

     The clinic will cover the basic rules necessary to play the game, core strategies for player court position, and shots you need to be successful (i.e. serves, returns, third-shot options, dinking, volleying, and overheads) will be taught and drilled. If players are successful with these we can add blocking and lobs for more advanced players.
Participants can be first-time players wanting to get to know the game or intermediate or advanced players eager to take their play to the next level. Players who know how to play can benefit from connecting the strategies taught.
Who: Anyone ages 8 and up who want to learn to play pickleball
When: January 19, 2017 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Where: Estes Park Event Center Pavilion
Fee: $15 ($5 drop-in fee waived for clinic participants)
How to Register
Contact: Jean McGuire vie email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or call EVRPD @ 970-586-8189.
Here are some fun facts according to Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews

 Registration Form

Registration for the Pickleball Clinic is currently full - Please email Jean to be placed on a waiting list!






Chip Salaun, who was a world class triathlete, mountaineer, author and environmentalist, and became the co-founder of the "Frost Giant”, a winter run epitomizing the challenges and rewards of running trails year round in Estes Park.  In 1978, Chip devised the name, drew the original logo, laid out the course, pulled the trigger on the first start, and was the catalyst behind the success of the Frost Giant mountain run.  The scenery is spectacular.  The camaraderie and fellowship developed among runners on the arduous, but beautiful terrain, remain as a legacy to Chip.   In late April of 1985, Chip vanished in the snow and ice of Mt. Cook in New Zealand. If the wind should blow, it will be his spirit challenging us, then pushing us to another adventure with nature and ourselves.  15% of the proceeds go to the Estes Valley Youth Activity Assistance Fund.  The fund provides scholarships for youngsters to participate in Estes Valley Recreation and Park District youth sports.


Visitor Center Transit Facility Parking Structure construction begins. Parking area and adjacent trail closed Oct. 17 until summer 2017

For safety, the multiuse trail will be closed at the south sides of the Big Thompson River pedestrian bridges and at the east end of the parking lot. The project will not impact operations at the 9-hole golf course.

Click here  to read the full news release from the Town of Estes Park, outlining the disruptions that begin Oct. 17 with construction of the parking structure south of the Visitor Center. 

Estes Valley Community Center Now Under Construction 

Preliminary construction and mobilization has begun. Please refer to our "Community Center" page for more information and updates regarding this exciting project. 

evcc construction




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